Adeltrud Walter (アデルトルート・オルター Aderutorūto Orutā?), also known as Ady (アディ Adi), is one of the main characters of the Knight's & Magic anime.


Elementary School (OY 1271)Edit

At the age of 9 Years Old Wanting to run away from home to avoid meeting her step-dad, Adeltrud climbed to the roof, where she bickers to her brother that wanted to run away with her, then she fell off the roof but was saved by a certain someone, she opens her eyes and gazed back at her savior who had silver purple eyes and whose face is cute beyond compare. Adeltrud was confused by her savior's racial gender for she questions "A girl?" Adeltrud savior then replied his name with a manly voice "um... I'm Ernesti" to correctly correct Adeltrud misunderstanding for Ernesti being a girl.

Middle School (OY 1271) Edit

12 years OldEdit

Adeltrud and her brother later went on to the school's field trip with Ernesti.

Trivia Edit

  • Ady's Japanese voice actor, Ayaka Ohashi, also sings the main ending theme, You & I.