Robots & Fantasy is the first episode of Knight's & Magic.


Act OneEdit

In a K soft works office at K district, K city, an employee complains that he has gotten 100 hours of overtime this month for a task the company has agreed to. Another employee, Kurata Tsubasa assures his colleagues that they can do it as his real job is a programmer. At his computer, Kurata opens up a text editor on his computer, featuring a mecha background. On his desk is also a model of a robot.

In spite of dying Kurata is reborn in the the form of Ernesti Echevarria, a young feminine looking boy, in a new fantasy-esque world with all of the memories of his past life intact. When Ernesti is three years old he discovers the existence of Silhouette Knight's, large knight like robots piloted in defense of the country from Demonic Beasts and immediately decides that he will become the pilot of one of these machines known as a Knight Runner.

Ernesti soon throws himself into training, combining magic with his inherited extensive skill with programming, he soon makes leaps and bounds in innovations to magic, training in sword fighting under his father Mathias Echevarria and magic under his mother Celestina Echevarria he soon establishes himself as a prodigy. When he is five years old he meets and befriends Twins Adeltrud Walter and Archid Walter who have him teach them his advanced magical knowledge.

When Ernesti and the twins are eight years old they are enrolled in the Laihiala Pilot Academy's elementary school division as Knights. There they meet a young Dwarf child named Batson Termonen and aid him in getting back at a group of bullies. With Batson's crafting skills, Ernesti creates a new Winchester type Gun staff.

The Next day Ernesti negotiates a deal with his teachers that if his abilities exceed the course standards for the fundamental magic class that he will be exempt from having to take the class, and will instead be able to attend a middle school course in Silhouette Knight mechanics. Through the demonstration of mid to high level magic Ernesti succeeds on his end of the bargain and enrolls in the Middle School course.

Three years later, Ernesti is discussing key information about constructing a Silhouette Knight with Batson, before he and the twins join their classmates on a field trip, escorted by three senior students in Silhouette Knights, Edgar C. Blanche, Dietrich Cunitz and Helvi Oberi, to a forest where small type Demonic beasts live in order to study them.

After making camp and eating their supper the trio is met by the student council president and the twins elder half sister Stefania Serrati. Stefania immediately takes a liking to Ernesti but is forced to leave for night training. Adeltrud and Archid explain that they're both illegitimate children of a Marquis Joachim Selati, Stephanie's father.

Later that night Ernesti sneaks of to examine the Silhouette knight party and encounters Edgar who introduces his own Sillhouette Knight, Earlcumber and offers Ernesti a chance to sit inside. In the mean time, the camp is forced to evacuate on account of a large group of Demonic Beasts invading the area and attacking the senior class.

Ernesti, Adeltrud and Archid, alongside their senior's in Silhouette Knights, goes to rescue the missing class as they are about to be attacked by the demonic beasts and succeed in fending off the enemy. In the mean time, the last of another group of Silhouette knights is about to be finished off by a gigantic turtle type Demonic Beast.



  1. AT-X: July 2, 2017
  2. Tokyo MX: July 2, 2017
  3. KBS Kyoto: July 2, 2017
  4. Crunchyroll (Premium): July 2, 2017
  5. Sun Television: July 3, 2017
  6. BS11: July 5, 2017
  7. Crunchyroll (Free): July 9, 2017



  1. Kaldatoah
  2. Solodreah
  3. Earlcumber
  4. Guair
  5. Trandorkis


  1. Emission Spells
  2. Enhancement Spells
  3. Basic Wind Spells
  4. Aerothrust
  5. Fireball
  6. Piercing Lance
  7. Thundering Gale
  8. Sonic Blade
  9. Riot Sparrow



  1. Ending

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