School Entry Arc

Chapter 1. Alternate World  

Chapter 2. Let's Play with Friends  

Chapter 3. Let's go to School  

Chapter 4. Let's try Dueling

Demon Beast Attack Arc

Chapter 5. Shadow of the Giant Beast  

Chapter 6. Let's go on a Field Trip  

Chapter 7. Let's fight a Demon Beast  

Chapter 8. Final Battle, Land Emperor  

Chapter 9. After the Fight  

New Model Creation Arc

Chapter 10. Everyone's beginning v2

Chapter 11. Let's design, build and assemble v2

Chapter 12. Let's have a mock duel v2

Chapter 13. What to do with the prototype machine v2

Chaos in Casadesus Arc

Chapter 14. Let’s head into the storm v2

Chapter 15. The things squirming in the darkness v2

Chapter 16. The fire of fort Casadesus v2

Chapter 17. The Battle in the Forest v2

Chapter 18. When the Silver Phoenix spread its wings v2

Centaur Knight Arc

Chapter 19. Uproar in Laihiala Pilot Academy v2

Chapter 20. Sprint, Silver Phoenix Knight v2

Chapter 21. Rival and Determination v2

Chapter 22. Presentation of the New Model v2

Chapter 23. Graduation Day v2

  Forest City Crisis Arc

Chapter 24. Inheritor of the Lion v2

Chapter 25. Premonition of Crisis v2

Chapter 26. Queen of the Shell Beast v2

Chapter 27. Forest City v2

Chapter 28. Descent of the Fierce God (Kishin) v2

Outbreak of War in the Western Realm Arc 7

Chapter 29. The Beginning of the Grand Storm

Chapter 30. The Exiled Princess

Chapter 31. The Imprisoned Princess

Chapter 32. Infiltrating Lacepede Castle

Princess of the Fallen Kingdom Arc

Chapter 33. Hoisting the flag of the Silver Phoenix

Chapter 34. The Worries of the Princess

Chapter 35. The Princess’ Stratagem

Chapter 36. Mobilization of the Black Skull Knights

Chapter 37. The Nightmare of Missillier

The Birth of the Flying Dragon Arc

Chapter 38. New Kuscheperca Kingdom Army Advance

Chapter 39. Žaloudek Kingdom’s Schemes

Chapter 40. The Quickening of the Flying Dragon

Chapter 41. The Confrontation between the Demon God and the Flying Dragon