The Second Prince of the Kingdom of Žaloudek, he was the commander of the raids on Kuchpercha. He was shown to be a terrible and unreliable ruler, who barely ruled at all. He mainly listened to his sister, who gave him advice and information. His death was partially because he didn't want to be laughed at by her. He died during a battle against the Silver Phoenix merchant association. he fell into Ernesti's trap and was shown to be slowly dipping into insanity. Ernesti flew onto his ship shortly after he had made the decision to flee, and Cristobal went onto the top to meet him and battle him.

Ernesti fought him using Ikaruga and absolutely dominated him. His death was on his own flagship in a fit of hysteria after having a battle with Ernesti Echevalier and losing dramatically. The result of this was him blowing multiple holes through his flagship and it's engine while laughing like a maniac. This ended up killing him and everyone on that ship except for Ernesti, who easily flew away. You could classify this as a suicide/mass homicide. His final words were "Damn you, demon. I'll make sure you pay for this in hell!", immediately after he said those words he was crushed inside his mech by the impact of the ship hitting the ground.