Crystal Tissue is a technology appearing in Knight's & Magic. It is one of the main components of Silhouette Knights.

Standard TypeEdit

Originally, Crystal Tissue consisted of multiple threads of material stretched over the metal frame of a Silhouette Knight. These gave the knights increased movement, strength, and speed and were much like the human muscles. They are powered by the Ether Reactor.

Strand Type Crystal TissueEdit

After wrecking the Guair, Ernesti gets his first look inside of a Silhouette Knight. He has a flash of brilliance and decides to weave the threads together, allowing more threads to be added and thus increasing the strength of the Silhouette Knights. The increased power is 150% of what it had been before the upgrade but requires much more mana to operate.

The Knightsmith Labs later invent a Kaldotoah Darsch, which only has 130% of the power of a normal Silhouette Knight. However, the Darsch lasts much longer than the Telestale models, because of the decreased mana drain.

After the Order of the Bronze Fang steals a Telestale, they help the country of Zaloudek invent their new Black Knights, which most likely possess Strand Type Crystal Tissue, as they are able to easily overwhelm all who face them.