Dietrich is tall, with blond hair. He often is wearing a piece or two of his Silhouette Knight armor.

Personality Edit


Cloquet Forest IncidentEdit

During the school's field trip, Dietrich Cunitz complained that there were no beasts for him to kill.[1]

Dietrich's friend was killed by the Behemoth, which terrified him. Desperate to survive, he ran into the forest, sobbing and begging for mercy. Ernesti found him in this condition, and after attempting to reason with him, knocked Dietrich out. At this point, he took control of the Guair. By reprogramming it with magic, he was able to control it without being able to reach the pedals or hand grips. Ernesti then launched an assault on the Behemoth, stabbing it in one eye, but losing his sword in the process.

Dietrich woke up and started crying, claiming that they were going to die. However, he pointed out the sword of one of the fallen Silhouette Knights, which Ernesti took, and then used it to stab the Behemoth in the leg. Ernesti gave Dietrich control of the Guair and jumped onto the hood. When Dietrich then jumped at the Behemoth, Ernesti used the sword stuck in the Behemoth's eye to electrocute and destroy its brain.[2]

Dietrich was assumed to be dead before Ernesti and Dietrich emerged from the cockpit, Dietrich having gone unconscious again.

Ernesti's InventionsEdit

Following the defeat of the Behemoth, he was with Ernesti and David discussing improvements for the Silhouette Knights but he was humble about his contributions in the battle. After the creation of Silhouette Gears, his mood had changed. Although he had trouble controlling their movement like Edgar, he was far more enthusiastic and played tag with Adeltrud and Archid, who were more mobile in their Silhouette Gears.


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