Cloquet Forest IncidentEdit

During the school's field trip, Dietrich Cunitz complained that there's not beast to slay for he is nothing more than a wannabe hot shot.[1]

Dietrich's friend was killed by the Behemoth so he ran away. Ernesti commandeered the Guair reprogrammed it while Deitrich rested at the back of the cockpit.[2]

Ernesti's InventionsEdit

Following the defeat of the Behemoth, he was with Ernesti and David discussing improvements for the Silhouette Knights but he was humble about his contributions in the battle. After the creation of Silhouette Gears, his mood had changed. Although he had trouble controlling their movement like Edgar, he was far more enthusiastic and played tag with Adeltrud and Archid, who were more mobile in their Silhouette Gears.


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