Emrys Fremevira

Emrys Geijer Fremevira is the grandson of Ambrosius Tahvo Fremmevira, and the son of Leotamus .

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Emrys has been stated to look like his grandfather when Ambrosius was younger. Emerys has long red hair, similar to that of a lions mane.

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Emrys was noted as a "muscle-brain" by Adeltrud during Emrys explanation of the kind of Runner he wanted. He prefers to take action, as during his duel with Ambrosius, he stated that he would not get anywhere by thinking. He seems to be somewhat oblivious, as he was caught off-guard when Blasting Howl drained most of Goldleo's mana.

History Edit

Emerys trained in Kuschpercha, returning to witness the duel between the Lab and the Silver Phoenix.

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  • Power - Even though Ambrosius held back, Emerys was still able to hold his own against the former king, who was able to cut down hordes of beasts when he was younger.

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