The Ether Reactor is the heart of a Silhouette Knight.

Appearance Edit

It is large, and looks somewhat like a walnut. Made of mythril and a crystal, it is silver on the outside. The reactor glows with blue light when being used. Many runes are engraved into the mythril cover to form the Life Song, a complicated spell that keeps the Reactor working.

Anatomy Edit

The Ether Reactors are normally only created by Alvs, who have catalyst crystals within their bodies that enable complicated magic of this type. They are made of a few components:

  • The Catalyst Crystal is a crystal which can be found inside of demon beasts, Alvs, and stone. They are carved out, tuned, and placed within the mythril shell.
  • The Mythril Shell is a casing made of mythril, an incredibly hard metal. It protects the Catalyst Crystal from damage and provides a surface upon which to carve the Life Song.
  • The Life Song is a long spell which is engraved into the Mythril Shell. It is what makes the Reactor work, and is a rare piece of Alv knowledge.

History Edit

Until Ernesti, nobody had ever been able to create an Ether Reactor except for the Alvs. The blueprints of its creation were kept hidden, and even for those who knew how to create them, actually sculpting an Ether Reactor was far harder. Without the right spells, the mythril casing could not be shaped, and the Life Song could not be engraved.

Ernesti learned how to create Ether Reactors as his reward for all of the contributions he made to Fremmevilla. After 3 months, thanks to his incredible intellect, he was able to forge them.

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