The Guair is a red Silhouette Knight, originally of the Kaldotoah type. After nearly being destroyed by Ernesti Echvalier, it was reconstructed as a Telestale model. In the months leading up to the arena battle, it was rechristened the Guairlinde after numerous new features were added, making the robot even more powerful than before.

It is currently owned by Dietrich.


The Guair began as one of the school's Kaldotoah training models, which Dietrich was using. He at one point let Ernesti sit in the pilot seat, causing Ernesti to gain a great level of respect for him.

During a training exercise in the woods, he and the rest of the students encounter a Behemoth. As they are being picked off, Dietrich panics and runs away, before collapsing in a ditch.

Ernesti takes over the Guair's controls. Because he is too short to reach the pedals and handles, he takes it over with magic, "recoding" the mech as he works. He then launches an attack on the Behemoth again, severely wounding it before reinforcements arrive. Before the eyes of the adults, he electrocutes the Behemoth through its eye, destroying its brain and killing it. Dietrich helps him with this task, piloting the Guair while Ernesti uses magic.

Ernesti's strange use of magic to control the Silhouette Knight results in its Crystal Tissue decaying, because he inadverdently sapped the energy from the spells that were holding the knight together. Before it can be replaced, Ernesti suggests using Strand Type Crystal Tissue, which increases the strength of the Guair but decreases its runtime due to the increased mana use. He also installs his back arms on it, making it one of the first Telestale.

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