Academy City LaihialaAdeltrud WalterAdeltrud Walter/Anime
Adeltrud Walter/NovelAdeltrud Walter/Novel/RelationshipAldirat/Anime
AlvsAlvs/AnimeAmbrosius Fremmevilla
Ambrosius Fremmevilla/AnimeArchid WalterArchid Walter/Novel
Back Weapon/AnimeBaldomero Bilt ŽaloudekBatson Termonen
Behemoth/AnimeCatalina Camilla ŽaloudekCatalyst Crystal
Chapter 1. Alternate WorldChapter 10. Everyone's BeginningChapter 11. Let’s Design, Build and Assemble
Chapter 12. Let’s Have A Mock DuelChapter 13. What to do With the Prototype MachineChapter 14. Let’s head into the storm.
Chapter 15. The things squirming in the darknessChapter 16. The fire of fort CasadesusChapter 17. The Battle in the Forest
Chapter 18. When the Silver Phoenix spread its wingsChapter 19. Uproar at Laihiala Pilot AcademyChapter 2. Let's Play with Friends
Chapter 20. Sprint, Silver Phoenix KnightChapter 21. Rival and DeterminationChapter 22. Presentation of the New Model
Chapter 23. Graduation DayChapter 24. Inheritor of the LionChapter 25. Premonition of Crisis
Chapter 26. Queen of the Shell BeastChapter 27. Forest CityChapter 28. Descent of the Fierce God (Kishin)
Chapter 29. Begin of Black StormChapter 3. Let's go to SchoolChapter 30. Wandering princess
Chapter 31. Imprisoned princessChapter 32. Rasupedo castle infiltrationChapter 33. Silver Phoenix Flag, Flutter!
Chapter 34. Trouble of princessChapter 35. Machination of princessChapter 36. Team Black Jaw Knight, Move out!
Chapter 37. Mishiri NightmareChapter 4. Let's try DuelingChapter 5. Shadow of the Giant Beast
Chapter 6. Let's go on a Field TripChapter 7. Let's fight a Demon BeastChapter 8. Final Battle, Land Emperor
Chapter 9. After the FightChaptersCharacters
Cloquet ForestCloquet Forest/AnimeComprehensive Listing of Knight's & Magic Episodes
Cristóbal Hasslo ŽaloudekCrystal Tissue/AnimeDemon Beast/Anime
Dietrich CunitzDietrich Cunitz/AnimeDrake
Earlcumber/NovelEdgar C. BlancheEdgar C. Blanche/Anime
Edgar C. Blanche/Anime/GalleryEmrys FremmevillaEmrys Fremmevilla/Anime
Ernesti EchevalierErnesti Echevalier/AnimeErnesti Echevalier/Anime/Relationship
Ernesti Echevalier/NovelErnesti Echevalier/Novel/GalleryErnesti Echevalier/Novel/Novel
Ernesti Echevalier/Novel/RelationshipEther ReactorForce & Justice
Fort CasadesusFremmevilla FamilyFremmevilla Family/Anime
GuairGunlike RodHeaven & Earth
Hello!My World!!Helvi OberiHelvi Oberi/Anime
Hero & BeastHide & SeekHit & Away
IkarugaIkaruga/AnimeInner Skeleton
Kaldatoah/AnimeKingdom of Fremmevilla/AnimeKnight's & Magic
Knight's & Magic (anime)Knight's & Magic (light novel)Knight's & Magic (manga)
Knight's & Magic WikiKnight & DragonKnight Runner
Knight Runner/AnimeKnightsmith/AnimeKnut Dixgard
Knut Dixgard/GalleryLady KerhiltLaihiala
Laihiala Pilot AcademyLeotamus FremmevillaLevitate Ship
Levitate Ship/AnimeLife SongLight & Shadow
Light Novel Volume 1Light Novel Volume 2Light Novel Volume 3
Light Novel Volume 4Macehead OgreMagius Engine
Mana/AnimeMarquis DixgardMythril
New & OldOratio GojassOratio Gojass/Anime
Outer SkinPrincess EleonoraPrologue 1
Prologue 2Prologue 3Prologue 4
Queen ShellcasedRobots & FantasyScrap & Build
Secret & QuestSelestina EchevalierSelestina Echevalier/Anime
Shaker WormShellcasedShellcased Warrior
Silhouette GearSilhouette Gear/AnimeSilhouette Knight
Silhouette Knight/AnimeSilver Phoenix KnightsSilver Phoenix Knights/Anime
TrandorkisTrandorkis/AnimeTrial & Error
TzendolgWar & PrincessWinchester type Gun staff
You & IZetterlund

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