The Queen Shellcased is a massive variant of the shellcased demon beasts. It has far tougher armor, is much larger, and leads hordes of the shellcased.

Natural Life Edit

The Queen Shellcased is the leader of shellcased hordes. She is the one who provides instructions to the smaller shellcased, and who gives birth to more shellcased. When Ernesti and the twins cut open her egg sack, many shellcased embryos and a wave of purple gel come pouring out. As a result, it can be hypothesized that the queen's uterus normally contains many embryos in suspension. When fertilized, they would begin to grow. Methods of fertilization, and whether the queen gives birth to eggs or live young, are unknown.

Rarely, there will be multiple queens in a shellcased horde. In this event, the queens will split the horde. The group that attacked Alfheim was part of a split horde.

History Edit

There was a large horde which split in two. One half of this horde began making its way toward Alfheim, the home of the Alvs, and where the Ether Reactors are made. Upon reaching Alfheim, the group attacked and began to overwhelm the Silhouette Knights on guard.

However, the Order of the Silver Phoenix then arrived, splitting the horde and killing many shellcased. Prince Emmrys then activated his Goldleo's special laser, incinerating most of the demon beasts. While the rest of the Order of the Silver Phoenix began to clean up the remnants, Ernesti Echevalier, Adeltrud Walter, and Archid Walter charged into the forest to attack the Queen Shellcased. Ernesti was using his Toybox, and the twins were controlling Tzendolgs, which were pulling a chariot.

The Queen Shellcased nearly crushed the chariot with one foot, as the twins maneuvered desperately to avoid its attacks. Ernesti ordered an attack on one of the queen's legs, but the blades they used bounced off, leaving no trace. Not to be discouraged, Ernesti fired a salvo of bolts at the queen's egg sack, ripping it apart and releasing a flood of unborn shellcased.

Enraged, the Queen chased after the chariot. As the twins picked up speed, Ernesti leaped out of the chariot to fight the Queen one-on-one. He shot another round of bullets at one of the Queen's leg joints, where there was less armor. The leg broke off, sending the Queen toppling to the ground. As it struggled to get up, the twins returned. Ernesti unhitched a blade from the chariot and wrapped it with rope. Ernesti stabbed the Queen between the eyes before electrifying the blade. The resulting energy fried the Queen's brain, killing it instantly.

Ernesti later used the Queen Shellcased's Catalyst Crystal to create an Ether Reactor known as the Queen's Coronet.