Shaker Worms are a type of demon beast. Ernesti Echevalier and his friends kill one in the desert near Fort Casadesus. They can be lured out with bait.

Appearance Edit

Shaker worms are long, fast, and a blue-black in color. Four rows of orange crystals stud their coils, perfectly parallel and straight. Its head is a large bulb, with a yellow cross that appears to serve as a mouth. A ring of glowing lights surrounds the head. It is unknown if they have eyes.

Their heads appear to be combustible.

History Edit

When Ernesti and his friends are traveling across the desert to reach Fort Casadesus, the Order of the Bronze Fang sets a trap for them. Lured by bait, a massive Shaker Worm attacks them. However, the beast is defeated by the Telestale Silhouette Knights, who use their rods to blast it to bits. With a stab from a rod, the Worm's head begins to glow and swell, before exploding.

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