Silhouette Gears are powered suits in featured Knight's & Magic. The idea spun off from Ernesti's plan to build his own Silhouette Knight because they were quicker and simpler to build. They appear as armored suits, and have been shown to be useful for combat and Knightsmiths.

History Edit

Ernesti Echevalier invented the Silhouette Gears as a smaller version of the Silhouette Knight. They draw power from the user's strength to move and maintain their strengthening spells.

After his first prototype was rejected by most as very difficult to work with, due to the high mana output required from the user, Ernesti created several new versions:

  • In the Knightsmith laboratory, he presents Batson with a new Gear. Despite being much bulkier, this suit contains a shrunk-down Magius Engine, which removes strain from the user. They soon become commonplace, and are used to enhance the strength of the Knightsmiths so they can work faster.
  • Ernesti develops a crossbow attachment, which shoots exploding bolts that do a great deal of damage.

During the rescue of the Princess, multiple Silhouette Gear functions are visible:

  • Stronger jumps which help the heroes go from rooftop to rooftop, almost flying.
  • Grappling hooks that are used to climb onto the battlements of the castle.