The Swordsman is a Silhouette Knight controlled by Gustav Mardonnes.

Appearance Edit

The Swordsman is black with silver highlights. Its eyes glow crimson. The Knight brandishes two main swords, and has what appear to be four swords, as Mardonnes believes that having more swords makes him stronger.

History Edit

The Swordsman attacked the Silver Phoenix Merchants, eager to find a fun fight. He immediately locked onto the Guair, and launched a blistering wave of attacks after Dietrich Cunitz called him an idiot. Dietrich was barely holding his own when Lady Kerhilt dropped a smoke bomb, and ushered Mardonnes out.

As he left the battlefield, Mardonnes called out to Dietrich, warning him not to die before they could fight again.

Quotes Edit

"Swords are strong! And whoever holds a lot of something strong is also strong!" -Mardonnes, before fighting Dietrich

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