Telestale is a Silhouette Knight featured in the Knight's & Magic television series. It became the second unit of Helvi Oberi.


Following the defeat of the Behemoth, Ernesti Echevalier was called before the king Ambrosius Fremmevilla who agreed to give Ernesti the designs for the Ether reactor in exchange for designing the Ultimate Silhouette Knight. Ernesti subsequently bullies his way into the School's workshop where he begins making innovations to existing Silhouette Knight technology.

Ernesti began by proposing two things; firstly, to weave the Knights' Crystal muscle Tissue into strands to make them stronger, and the second is the use of extra arms to carry more magic staves. Other's would make innovations to the design as well: the boss David Hepken consulted the crafting department and with their help created Crystal strand tissue 2.5 times stronger and 10 times more durable than Crystal tissue.

In fact the new muscles were so strong that they had to build a custom skeleton for the new knight. Unfortunately the increased strength meant that the Silhouette Knight would burn through more magic then what it could supply. In response, a new type of crystal tissue was created with huge Mana capacity in exchange for dramatically reduced muscle strength, which was then woven into strands, and then woven into sheets.

The research team contributed one final innovation in the form of the High Capacity frame, where they used a new non human design to find the best places to add Crystal Sheet Tissue raising the Mana Capacity of the unit until it could be practical. Five units were produced and had been brought to Duke Knut Dixgard in Fort Casadeus on behalf of the King.

Unfortunately, after arriving in Casadeus the five units are stolen by the Copper Fang Knights of the Zaloudek Empire. In spite of the best efforts of the Knights of Casdeus and the Students of Laihiala Pilot Academy the Copper Fang Knights returned to their home and native land with one heavily damaged Unit while the remaining four heavily Damaged Units were sent to the NTR lab where they were reverse engineered and it's innovations incorporated into the Kaldatoah Model of Knights creating the Karatolle.